Koramic Holding becomes Koramic Investments

Koramic Holding, the parent company of our group, was incorporated on September 11, 1883 under the name “Tuileries du Pottelberg S.A.” (Pottelberg Roof tile factory Ltd.) So, it goes back more than 140 years. Apart from the name change from Pottelberg to Koramic, the company has always existed in the same business form and hence, it is one of the oldest public limited companies in Belgium.

Koramic started as a local manufacturer of ceramic roof tiles and developed into an international producer of building materials. Since the beginning of this century, Koramic has been functioning as a holding company, with very diverse activities. It currently employs more than 5.000 people in about 20 countries.

To prepare the Koramic group for the future and the next generations, it will be transformed from an industrial holding company into a family office, i.e. a family-controlled company run by professional management. The activities remain the same and so does our connection to Kortrijk.

In order to mark the new strategy, Koramic Holding has been renamed Koramic Investments and a new logo has been designed. The green touch in the logo symbolises positivity, creativity, growth and development.
It also refers to the link between people and nature, both of which are fundamental to our group.


Christian Dumolin
President Koramic Investments