Change in management structure Koramic Investments

Following the change of the Koramic Group from an industrial holding company to a family office (cf. communication of 28 March), it was decided to make a number of changes to the structure of Koramic Investments’ management.

An Executive Committee will be set up with the following members:

  • Christian Dumolin as Chairman
  • Olaf Sterkenburg
  • Hilde Famaey
  • St├ęphane Vlaemminck (Chief Financial Officer)

Olaf Sterkenburg is appointed Co-CEO and will take up this position together with Christian Dumolin.

Olaf is 50 years old, has worked within the Koramic Group for about five years and is Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Koramic Investments.

He has studied Public Administration and Organisational Science in the Netherlands and has completed additional training at IMD (Switzerland), INSEAD (France), London Business School (UK) and Harvard Business School (USA).

Hilde Famaey is appointed as Director of Koramic Investments, the parent company of the Koramic Group.

Quote Christian Dumolin:

I am happy that the future of the group for the coming generations is assured by the creation of an Executive Committee, the appointment of Olaf as Co-CEO and also this of Hilde as a member of the Board of Directors of Koramic Investments.

For many years, I have been able to work in a pleasant and constructive way with Hilde, St├ęphane and Olaf. I have learned to strongly appreciate their professionalism, their human values and their loyalty to our company, its employees and, finally, my family.

I hope I will be able to continue working with them for many years, albeit with a little more distance, and thus ensure that the Koramic group continues to strengthen and expand.”