Strategic participations

Koramic takes majority stakes in companies in different sectors. To drive growth and create long-term value, we develop specialised industry clusters such as building and construction materials, construction chemistry, electronic circuit boards, visual communications, customer experience solutions, marketing and communication. Each company operates completely independently and has its own management team.

Through our involvement in these companies that are either fully owned, majority-owned or joint ventures, we apply our knowledge, resources and collaborative approach to drive success. As the majority shareholder, we develop long-term strategies and play an active role in appointing management and steering strategy implementation.

The companies in which Koramic invests can call on Koramic’s central services such as Finance, Legal, ESG, HR and Communication. The Koramic team also plays an active role in mergers and acquisitions.

Through our strategic participations, Koramic employs more than 5.000 people in about 20 countries and has an annual turnover of more than 700 million EUR.

Real Estate

Koramic Real Estate Investment is the real estate investment firm of the Koramic group.

Koramic Real Estate is a leading investor and developer, with a focus on offices, as well as residential real estate. It is headquartered in Belgium, with offices in Poland, Germany and Romania.

The investment arm of Koramic Real Estate builds a portfolio of industrial and commercial real estate that is leased on a long-term basis. Under the leadership of an experienced team, we acquire or construct custom-made buildings for our clients. We also offer sale and leaseback solutions. We have more than 40 buildings in our portfolio, mainly in Belgium, but also in Germany and Poland.

As a residential developer, Koramic Real Estate focuses on the development of real estate projects in Belgium, Poland, Germany and Romania. As an experienced player in the real estate market, we have a distinct passion for quality, aesthetics and sustainability.

Koramic Real Estate can rely on a multidisciplinary team of 60 professionals, spread across all the markets in which we operate, with extensive expertise in the technical, architectural, commercial, financial and legal aspects of investing in and developing real estate.

The CEO of Koramic Real Estate is Jimmy Sterckx, an experienced manager with a proven expertise in real estate and industrial activities.

Private Equity

TrustCapital is Koramic’s investment company that takes minority stakes in unlisted companies with a medium-term exit strategy.

TrustCapital acquires participations in companies through private equity funds. In addition, TrustCapital also takes minority stakes in promising young growth companies. In these companies, TrustCapital takes up mandates to actively support management.

Through TrustCapital, Koramic invests as a minority shareholder in several hundreds of companies in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Hilde Famaey is Managing Director of TrustCapital. She has many years of expertise in private equity investments and business management.

Capital Markets

Koramic Finance Company is an investment company that manages a portfolio of investments in stock exchange listed companies.

The company invests with a long-term vision and according to a fundamental approach. Koramic Finance Company builds a broad portfolio, without being bound by restrictions regarding market capitalisation, liquidity, sector or geographies.

Wouter Vanderhaeghen is Managing Director of the Koramic Finance Company.
He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of equity capital markets.